Mar. 16, 2021

Hypocrisy puts a black mark on our credibility

What is British Columbia’s top export product? I bet you got it wrong. I say product because I wanted to eliminate hot air.

To listen to leaders all over the Province you would never think that they knew the answer.

As municipal leaders scurry to draw up plans and spend millions of dollars for weather and climate mitigation, talk about their vague sustainability goals, and articulate upon the economy of today and tomorrow one would think that they have taken a course in deniability. 

And there’s the Province with a ministry that has in its title Low Carbon Innovation and another with Climate Change Strategy. 

Because the top export product of the Province is – coal. I have heard of pipeline protests, but have you heard of a coal protest? 

Good old fossil fuel, carbon-emitting coal. So we produce carbon with one hand and try and mitigate with the other? Don’t blame the Chinese!

It’s not even close at what product is the number one export. Coal exports account for $5 billion. Next is Coniferous lumber at $3.6 billion.

And what is third? Nasty mining again – copper ore!!

Oh, and coming in at number four is another dirty fossil fuel – natural gas! Sure, we are even building a $40-billion natural gas plant in Kitimat!

All the while we have a carbon tax and green energy propaganda ad nauseam. Blocking pipeline rights of away and the like. 

Why don’t we have a Ministry of Double Standard – Hypocrisy? I mean we have got to get some consistency here. 

PS – I forgot to mention petroleum products is number six. “Chemical” pulp number 5. 

Source : Government of British Columbia, 2019, last year that statistics were available.