Apr. 22, 2021

Wuhan Virus response – is this a bad joke or what?

The B.C. Government  is about to prevent citizens from travelling among health regions, checks at ferry terminals and so on. So much for our rights of association, assembly, and our mobility rights as protected under the Charter of Rights. 

Meanwhile I read that eight of 13 international flights to Vancouver since April 11 were from India and carried the Wuhan virus.

I mean, how can anyone with a right mind, take serious anything governments do relating to the virus. Citizens restricted from travel within their own province while citizens of another country can freely visit Canada?

What does the Prime Minister say about that? He’s thinking carefully about it!

Then I read that all pharmacies on Vancouver Island are without the AZ vaccine. Of course, we are not told how many doses were on the island. And no indication when there will be more, says our minister of they call it Health. 

For the record, right now on Vancouver Island according to government figures there are 31 hospitalized with the Wuhan Virus and four in intensive care. There are 1,424 acute hospital beds on Vancouver Island and at least 20 ICU units. 

The McDonald Laurier Institute carries a stress test for countries as it relates to the Wuhan Virus – higher the number the more stress – 15 advanced countries are examined. Canada is 10, Norway is first, New Zealand second and Australia third. 

What happened to that vaunted health care so many Canadians talk about? How about vaccines administered per 100 people?

According to world data as of April 21 Canada had administered less than Uruguay, the U.S. and Chile. Percentage of population with at least one shot, Canada is less than 30 per cent, The U.S. more than 40 per cent. Israel more than 60 per cent and UK almost 50 per cent.

We were told masks, distancing and washing hands would do a lot yet cases went up. Of course, there are no definitive studies on this just the flawed ones the government wants to quote.

Now more lockdowns, and travel restrictions even though many studies show the folly of lockdowns. 

Never does a government anywhere show how many are hurt by lockdowns. Why? Because they have not done their homework. 

When International travellers can travel to Canada, some carrying the virus, and Canadians are restricted from travel in their own province let alone country, there is something drastically wrong.