May. 1, 2021

The sheer stupidity and incompetence of it all

The National TV press
and the lack of prevention

You try again to watch the TV news, hoping on hope that they can get something right, be accurate, some context, etc.

No, just not possible. Take this morning. I sat down with coffee in hand and tuned into the CTV National All News station and then the CBC National All News station. 


They were carrying the apparent new surge of Wuhan virus cases in Alberta. Cases, cases, cases, not sick people, cases. People who tested positive using that faulty PCR test. 

Why not qualify the story with the test problem? Like, case numbers validity a problem. Why not give the cases, then how many of these needed hospitalization? Why not the age groups, the pandemic geographic break down?  

Feeding the narrative of 14 months the story turned to the outdoor patios that were open showing video of people actually enjoying themselves and hinting they should be closed and some vague reference to groups and worship. 

Not one word about urging people about prevention – the obvious vitamin D link that numerous studies have shown can help prevent serious sickness, other early treatments – Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine. Of course, many are not available in this country. People have to turn to the US to get such treatments. Why not comment on that? 


No better, of course. Here we had a story about the homeless in Toronto. A local activist was being interviewed describing the dire situation regarding the virus infection. No numbers, mind you.

I would have thought that the Mayor would have had them all in hotels by now. If anyone has listened to him over the last months every stone was being turned, every dollar being spent especially on the unfortunate. These “lily white intentions led, action sparse.” Leaders are just so disgusting! 

The activist did admit that the homeless were given priority for the vaccine but apparently only 30 per cent or 40 per cent took advantage. Now these were not hard numbers quoting any survey etc. just thrown out there. I mean, don’t we need better valid numbers, and why the low numbers? 

There was no mention by this public heath activist about sanitation, about early intervention – diet and nutrition like vitamin D. How expensive would it be (given the billions going to our bottom line every day) to distribute vitamin D pills to all the homeless, its use known to cut down on sickness and hospitalizations. Studies show that 60 per cent to 90  per cent of Canadians are deficient in vitamin D. Not a bad idea for the whole population. 

It’s all about the final solution, the ‘experimental ‘ vaccines, none of which are FDA approved  –no long term effects known –clinical trials on two to continue until well into 2022 and one 2023 and two of which see the time specified for the two does being administered violated without scientific justification. 

Should we not have a more comprehensive approach, using all tools available?  

It’s as if all these wonderful terms like prevention that led to hundreds of millions being spent on “Public Health” have become no longer valid. Many lives have been lost because public health was discarded, and many could now be saved by wise prevention methods and early treatment at home.  

Common sense has become a UFO – Government coercion and selected use of information the new mantra.

We ignore Hayek at our peril  – “while it is true that inventions have given us tremendous power, it is absurd to suggest that we must use this power to destroy our most precious inheritance : LIBERTY. (Page 97,Road To Serfdom.)