May. 7, 2021

We've been badly misled on Covid details

The Vancouver Sun reports leaked documents show B.C. health authorities have been withholding data from the public.

Are you surprised? I am not!

I have been saying for months that the information was insufficient and totally no context – hyping cases with no link to how many of these cases were sick people. 

Now, finally we have a local paper, rather late in the day although better late than never, highlighting this fact. The Sun says “B.C. doesn’t make anywhere near the same level of detail available to the public as other provinces.”

And the other provinces are not lily while on the matter. 

Yet, we praised our Public Health Officer (honorary degree, book and all) long before the last wave and smugly looked at so called higher cases east of us. 

The province never gave the total number of acute beds and ICU beds available, for example. And whether any planning early to increase the ICU numbers, if necessary. 

And they never gave context with other diseases, their fatality rates etc. 

I never saw any break down here on Vancouver Island where I live. There were always lots of acute care beds but if you listened to the hype we were about to run out of them etc. 

The paper talks of the neighborhood detail in other provinces and more on age-related cases. 

And there is never any over-all context with the delayed surgeries, delayed treatments and of course nobody has died from all this disruption.

Many of us spoke of a regional approach given the significant difference and this was rejected.

The callous disregard for our Charter of Rights and Freedoms will one day come back to haunt this government.

Questions like the use of PCR tests and how we use them here to maximize their validly, the way we count fatalities, all of this should be out in the open.

Sadly, bureaucracy has taken over and our political masters are mere serfs on the farm. 

And as far as prevention goes, it was more go home and see if you get sick.

The total lack of informed advice on vitamin D, for example, was absent. 

In Britain they were giving out Vitamin D tablets. 

This provincial government must be held accountable. I hope this is just the beginning.

But watch for the spin, it will inevitably come.

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