May. 13, 2021

British Columbia doctors silenced on vaccine issues

 On April 26, I published an article about Dr. Charles Hoffe, of Lytton, who was trying to get his sick patents referred to specialists to determine what was wrong with them. I had contacted Dr. Hoffe and he initially responded to my draft article. 

I waited a few weeks and sent Dr. Hoffe a follow up e-mail to ascertain whether he got any additional medical help for his patients. No answer.

Then I sent another e-mail. No answer.  I called his office and left a message asking through his secretary if I could get an answer to my e-mails. No response. 

I now read that the B.C. College of Physicians and Surgeons has issued a statement that threatens to investigate and take regulatory action against any doctor who speaks up about any of the public health orders or lockdown measures. It is hard not to conclude that Dr. Hoffe is now caught under this anti-free-speech declaration of the College of Physicians and Surgeons. 

A petition has been started by physicians in Ontario concerning a similar declaration by the College in that province and requesting that the threatening wording be removed. People from all over Canada have signed it seeking to have such anti-free-speech removed. 

These doctors point to three things that the college statement does 
Denial of the scientific method itself 
Violation of our pledge to use evidence-based medicine for our patients 
Violation of duty of informed consent.

More than 8,000 doctors and concerned Canadians have already signed the petition. 

Here is my earlier article for easy reference.  

Many may have heard of Dr. Charles D. Hoffe. He is a family doctor in Lytton. He has been practising there for 28 years. 

A number of his patients have come down with serious neurological problems after taking the Moderna vaccine.  

He has relayed his concerns to his local health authority and they have ignored his concerns. He then wrote to the Provincial Public Health Officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry. She referred his concerns to a vaccine specialist working in her office who set up a virtual meeting with Dr. Hoffe. According to Dr. Hoffe, in his recent Rebel News Video interview,  the meeting did not go well with the vaccine specialist essentially saying that Dr. Hoffe’s patients’ conditions could be just coincidences. He also talked to people at Vancouver General Hospital but once again no positive response. 

He had received a reprimand from his Health Authority to remain quiet and that he was committing vaccine hesitancy and he would be reported to the College Of Physicians and Surgeons. He has since received a second reprimand informing him that he was violating the code of ethics and professionalism of the Canadian Medical Association. 

So, Dr. Hoffe can get no help from the Medical Authorities concerning the unusual neurological conditions of six of his patients ( an additional one died of a heart attack), all of whom came down with these conditions within 72 hours of taking the Moderna vaccine. 

Surely, there is a serious breakdown in our medical system. Even if there is no provable connection to the vaccine, people are very sick and the family doctor should be able to, at the very least, get additional medical care for his patients to try and determine the medial conditions they have so that appropriate treatment can be provided. 

I contacted Dr. Hoffe today and he corrected a number of errors in a draft of this article. He informed me that as of today he has eight patients, up from six, suffering  from neurological conditions after receiving the Moderna vaccine.