May. 17, 2021

9/11 terror attack and Coronavirus vaccine deaths

How many died in the 9/11 attack? Almost 3,000. How many Covid vaccine deaths suspected? Already 4,000 in U.S. and 10,000 in Europe.

This is an interesting set of numbers because it helps to put in focus the situation.  Up to May 7, there were 192,000 adverse events reported, according to the open vaers system in the U..S and almost 500,000 according to the Eudra system in Europe. This is people reporting negative effects having taken a vaccine, many hospitalized and others requiring treatment. 

We seem uncharacteristically willing to accept the deaths from the Covid vaccines. That was not the case with the attacks on the twin towers. There was much grieving about the brazen attack and the tremendous loss of life. 

How things have changed! A story generated from fear has been sowed so expertly that not even something like the Great Barrington Declaration of world-class scientists and tens of thousands of health professionals could have an impact and change the direction on the lockdown mantra to save lives, jobs and finances and the economy. 

Granted the 9/11 was a dramatic attack from so-called enemies and was captured on TV and many watched as the buildings crumble. 

I was in Istanbul, Turkey at the time, and as my wife and I entered the little inn at which we were staying that evening we noticed the cramped lobby as we entered. Everyone was looking at the tiny TV in the corner. 

We saw for the first time the replays of the buildings crumpling and realized a major negative event had occurred. 

This present situation is more subtle. Many players, now intertwined, public health authorities, a political class, and a greedy pharmaceutical complex all scratching eachother’s back. It’s not that we are all in this together, it’s they are all in this together!

A ‘we-know-best’ syndrome has arisen. Naked specialization with its bald narrowness stalks the land Clinical trials still ongoing, emergency approval granted, immunity guaranteed.

The 9/11 matter saw the lines clearly drawn: rogue players from an violent ideology that for some moments challenged the world’s largest military complex.

But 9/11 was over, at least physically, just hours after the brutal event. The Wuhan Virus still menaces, ongoing after a year, physically and many other ways. 

And there’s confusion and ambiguity (masks of questionable material, impeding a person’s oxygen, are they really useful, flawed PCR tests disguising just how many valid cases there really are, faulty death recording, is it with Covid or from Covid) and clear signs that thousands of lives could have been saved, and billions of dollars saved. 

I posted yesterday the story of Ivermectin (Frontline Critical Care Alliance) and how reputable health professionals detail how the studies of that drug have been manipulated and made to look bad when in reality here was and is a cheap treatment that could have saved many hospitalizations and lives and still can now. Their conclusion was that two things were preventing ivermectin from being readily available and recommended 

1)  the modern structure and function of what we will describe as “Big Science” and;

2)  the presence of an active “Political-Economic Disinformation Campaign.”

This story is chilling, deeply disturbing. How can something like this happen in the west? I remember just some months ago a similar smear campaign was used against hydroxychloriquine. I recorded at that time a doctor’s point of view on the falsity of it all. 

From the World Health Organization’s corruption, to previously respected world health magazines printing fake heath information, to public health figures at leading universities predicting false doom, to Government health spokesmen presenting jargon as fact as their political leaders bowed to the unelected, narrow focused bureaucrat, to physicians and other health professionals being silenced here as happened first in China, we see clearly now the fragility of western democracy as Parliaments become secondary to the Executive and the unelected. 

Yes, more already have succumbed to the vaccine than at the twin towers. And the narrative continues as we lament the validity of Wordsworth’s phrase “the still sad music of humanity.”