Jun. 3, 2021

Dead silence, willing acquiescence, blind acceptance and irrationality

Globalism has hit early. You know the tribal kind, that which we thought we left behind. 

All over the planet there’s this unbelievable feudal thought process, the rejection of reason for fear – group think drowning individual action.

Ann Ryan spoke about all this in Atlas Shrugged. All should read it. Of course Orwell, too. 

In Canada there is a PM who breaks the law –  four times – silence, no accountability; Canadian governments impose draconian lockdown measures through health and emergency orders without parliamentary debate, violating Constitutional principles, stopping worship while Costco and Walmart thrive. Where medical organizations are issuing gag orders to their doctor members and patients who are sick after taking a vaccine are denied medical treatments because their doctor is skeptical about the vaccine. This because of a disease with a 99-per-cent survival rate. 

In the U.S. the New York Governor wants special hospitals from the federal government, that when they arrived were hardly used. The same person sends hospital patients to nursing homes. Thousands die. He’s still the governor. 

In California, the fifth largest economy, the human face of hypocrisy and deceit is their governor, luxuriating at posh restaurants when others are ordered not to gather. The streets of its major cities strewn with feces and drug needles and tent squalor. Some semblance of push back by a recall process that is still not completed. 

How can a democracy tolerate sanctuary cities, self-declared autonomous zones in the middle of a city, the inflation of a Lebron James, that overpaid great basketball player, knowledge deprived celebrity – who because of his money thinks he knows something  – and we must listen. 

Then there is pompous, Napoleonic complex Antonio Fauci, pronouncing his inconsistencies on a willing government and population. In normal times such dishonesty, spinning, would have him banished from the public square. Sadly, we have to endure a book, from which the highest paid American public servant will no doubt get paid millions. Meanwhile, more than 4,000 have died already from the vaccines and tens of thousands injured, according to the open VAERS system, a voluntary reporting system that by its own admission captures only one to 10 per cent of those with vaccine issues and death. 

The four-faced monster of government, big pharma, tech giants, and mainstream media, who have conspired to eliminate at their whim what is acceptable speech and what isn’t – the people just pawns and mere things, manipulated by willing legislators and executives in government and industry. Witnessing the Congressional hearings when the tech boys arrive, one notices the squirming as legislators, flush with their tech money, as they interrogate their benefactors. Senator Ted Cruz, at least, had the guts to say “I will take no more.” Where are the others?

We have forgotten history – of course – it’s not taught anymore.

Sure, Socrates got a public trial in 399 B.C.  – Cicero defended people in open square even against the existing autocratic power structure, decades before Christ was born. Voltaire spoke out while under threat in France in the 18 century. Then there are the heroes, Copernicus and Galileo. And Francis Bacon’‘s Advancement of Learning, its modern counterpart would likely be banned from Facebook or Twitter today. 

The shocking global silence to the Great Barrington Declaration – a declaration for sanity and reason signed by 792,995 concerned citizens, 14,183 medical and public heath scientists, and 43,160 medical practitioners. 

How can this be? What’s going on? The world is a mess of political correctness, climate demagoguery, and pandemic fanaticism that would make medieval witch trials look mainstream. 

What leaders?

 – a mentally-challenged Biden, pushed to the microphone by anonymous bureaucrats spewing double speak, appeasing the Iranian terrorists, re-joining a corrupt World Health Organization that has shown its China bias and incompetence, spending money like there is no tomorrow. 

 – then there is Boris Johnson, wrapped in political correctness who can’t seem to get out of his own way, blown by steel, concrete, plastic windmills, 

 – a Merkel whose claim to fame is helping Russia gain more power with gas pipelines to Europe while embarrassingly publicly criticizing the Russians. Accepting immigrants who get more privileges than the tax paying citizen The Eastern Europeans know that game only too well. 

France, well like Sweden, with its so-called democracies but its no-go zones – there’s a contradiction for you. Politically, France has been a dreamer for long while – (Kipling  –  “if you can dream and not make dreams your master.”)

The Swiss – a glimmer of hope, some good news, just walked away from seven years of talks for a closer union with the bureaucrat-led EU. A Swiss MP declared that it did not want to be a cash cow – “the Swiss will not be a cash cow eternally milked to keep the EU alive, preferring Swissexit instead.”

Meanwhile, Russia closes down the largest U.S. oil pipeline for five days and gets paid $4.5 million ransom for the effort. Now they are attacking the food chain. Putin the master puppeteer, with declining democracy breaking out all over his country, gets respect as he and his oligarchs manipulate their fossil fuel and military power from Beijing to Washington. 

In the east, China is wrapped in laughter as it witnesses this incompetence and weak belly diplomacy – lecturing the Americans in Alaska, while the National Basketball Association with Apple cozy up to the Chinese market – more interested in money and power than basic democratic principles, silently watching, with the rest of the cowardly world, a genocide unfold in China’s western region. 

Crimea goes, Hong Kong goes – and not a shot is fired. Syria implodes and Obama’s red line turns yellow. 

There is no competition here – Russia and China, the great manipulators have taken the west for a cruel ride and we blindly follow.

No wonder democracy has been declining for 14 years straight.

Perhaps the greatest sin of all, if that’s possible, is the organized denial of fact in the present pandemic, by our own hand!

While prevention and early treatment were available, that could have saved thousands of lives and helped 85 per cent from hospitalization (Dr. Peter McCullough), and saved billions of dollars, we allowed the four-headed monster (government, big tech, big pharma, mainstream media) to overwhelm the public square and deny the people a voice. 

As the Joanne Nova’s blog says, which I quoted in the previous column) 

“History books will be written and some professors, academics, and bureaucrats will have no excuse. 

Which organiszations can serve now?

It took two court hearings and major complaints and assertive activism to save eighty-year-old Judy Smentkiewicz. But how many others died because their sons or daughters didn’t see Pierre Kory on TV? Or they didn’t have the wherewithal to go to court? Or their friends trying to share the message were censored on Facebook? It shouldn’t have to be this way.

This is Judy’s story below, but so much more. Read the whole thing. It’s very well written by Michael Capuzzo. Surely, this is a story that needs an answer. Where are the Fourth Estate, the Opposition, The AMA, or the publicly funded professors at our universities?

I am but a cog passing on points of view that should be part of our national conversation. Some things matter: like antivirals and closed borders.”

Is democracy finished?