Jun. 7, 2021

Government uses cabinet secrecy to hide pandemic decisions

Quoting a headline from the National Post on June 3. 

‘Trudeau government invoked cabinet secrecy on COVID quarantine hotel decision, shielding it even from court.’

When you think you have heard it all, along comes another whopper that attacks your common sense. 

The Federal Government of Canada is trying to get around telling the people the reasons for their hotel Covid quarantine policy in court proceedings brought against the government in Federal Court. The proceedings are challenging the Government’s policy as being unconstitutional. 

If ever we have seen deceit in full bloom this must be it.

This national government and their provincial counterparts have been bombarding Canadians with the idea that the Wuhan Virus issue is an emergency, that we have seen nothing like it before, that unusual measures must be taken. 

Yet, this emergency, this unusual circumstance is not so different as to allow the government to provide the people through a court hearing all the information that the government used to justify this emergency. 

Surely this cannot stand!

The lockdowns have caused death in delayed surgeries, suicides in increased depression, destroyed families in lost jobs, childhood depression in school closings and countless other negative outcomes on innocent citizens.  

There are circumstances where cabinet secrecy may be warranted in war and insurrection cases and international relations, but to deny the court and the people information on decisions relating to the alleged “pandemic” is an over reach and exposes a government unsure of the reasoning of its policies in this regard. 

In August, 2013 the Federal Court ruled that cabinet secrecy could not be used relating to an issue concerning an endangeredbird. The Canadian Press reported: 

“Federal court says Ottawa can't use cabinet secrecy in debate over endangered bird.” 

The article went on to say that the court found the government’s use of this immunity to be unjustifiably broad and legally tenuous. 

If an endangered bird circumstance can cause cabinet Secrecy to not apply one would hope the court can find a similar conclusion can be reasonably reached in deciding on the lives of real people.