Jun. 9, 2021

Getting accurate lockdown and vaccine facts near impossible

Oh, How the elite and so-called experts, intellectuals can get things wrong.


The Eugenics movement of early 20th century is one. Even world leaders like Churchill and Woodrow Wilson were involved with Margaret Sanger, later founder of Planned Parenthood a supporter. Later discredited. 

The intellectual ‘s fascination and support of Socialism early is another in mid twentieth century. Later discredited spurred by Frederick Hayek and his wonderful book ‘The Road to Serfdom.’ 

Remember the nervous energy and doom and dire predictions over the entry into the year 2000. Discredited almost immediately. 


And late 20th century and until now the onslaught of predictions toward a climate Armageddon being discredited as each prediction proves wrong. But this is stubbornly trying to hold because unlike the early ones listed above it has academia, the media, the techs, governments, and billionaires on their side. 

A religion was born as Michael Crichton observed more than a decade ago. 

But global warming is now climate change and there are credible voices in resistance. But the fight is still on, notwithstanding the facts including the pollution caused by batteries for electric cars, the concrete, plastics, and steel of wind turbines and land destruction from wind and solar. To say nothing of the cost. 


And now the ‘great pandemic and vaccine roll out.’

A 99.9% recovery for most and a 95.5% for the vulnerable is turned into a global frenzy of fear and tribulation, conveniently calling it a pandemic, which allows for emergency orders which allows for the unleashing of innumerable health orders and lockdowns trampling on the rights and freedoms of everyone. 

Once again we have the same suspects engaged – only this time it’s to be all part of a more global effort – the great reset.

Never let a good pandemic (false) go to waste. And their power is huge. 

The Great Barrington Declaration could not halt it. Some of the brightest and most qualified in the world were effectively silenced – even though supported by 14,000 health professionals, 43,000 medical practitioners, and more than 791,000 concerned citizens who have signed the declaration for more rational and limited action. 

People are regularly banned from social media platforms based on criteria established by the platform itself not an independent process. Closing down debate on the vaccines. I have friends who have their speech banned from social media outlets. 

Can one imagine an association of media giants deciding what is to be carried concerning the pandemic? Is this not god like – none of them possessing the expertise on the pandemic but somehow imbued with superiority to restrict what will be heard, seen and read. They even have the audacity to call it The Trusted News Initiative To combat Disinformation. Included are all the large news organizations in North America, Europe and Asia, like BBC, CBC, Reuters, Europe Broadcasting Union, Washington Post etc. Even Microsoft and Google (YouTube) and Twitter. 

The precious concept of voluntary informed consent is under vicious attack. 

And what is this about vaccinating children and those who already have had the virus? 

Coercion is the new normal as children are bribed and passports (Province of Manitoba) are implemented restricting people’s right under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms to assembly and association and movement. 

While car crashes, murders, are killing people daily and routinely reported, the thousands already related to the vaccines are ignored. Not reported.

More than 5,000 dead and hundreds of thousands injured in the U.S.A. and more than 10,000 dead and a million-plus injured in Europe related to the vaccines. This is available to the press from the open VAERS system in the U..S and the Europe Medicines Agency in Europe. 

How did we get to the point where some deaths are more important than others? That some are deliberately hidden?

Meanwhile the big vaccine companies are not liable for any problems. I thought we were in an age where companies stood behind their product. 

And then to gain emergency authorization the vaccines are lauded while available decades old, proven, cheap alternatives like hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin are demeaned and even outlawed for use. 

And all of this endorsed by governments! Have they not been inconsistent and dead wrong? What is going on? How can one not surmise that there is an agenda at work? 


The Federal Government of Canada using the opportunity to introduce a bill, Bill C-10 that would restrict free speech – cowardly through the back door by regulating the social media platforms.

A court in Alberta, in a recent decision, demeans the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and the Government of that Province has refused to provide scientific and medical evidence to justify its any unfair health orders. The Court should be demanding this on behalf of the citizens of the country. 

Vaccine Passports in the Province of Manitoba. 

And then the global minimum corporate tax, using the consent of taxing the corporate world as an entry for a more international system undermining the nation state as a sovereign entity nd reducing any power of an individual voter and citizen. 

The real virus is the one now rampant – -it’s the idea that free, open democratic societies must be curtailed, that planned societies by the elites are what’s best for you – Facebook, Twitter and the unelected bureaucrat and the corrupt unelected UN will look after you after all free societies are in the minority world wide  and losing ground. 

What, you haven’t learned Mandarin yet?