Jun. 30, 2021

Canadian academics are speaking out about lockdowns

It’s good to see. We just need more of them. The Toronto Sun, one of the few brave , honest media left, have published a piece by several academics highlighting just how bad these lockdowns here in Canada have been.

The academics are: Claus Rinner, PhD, Geography and Environmental Studies, Ryerson University; Donald G. Welsh, PhD, Physiology and Pharmacology, Western University; Jan Vrbik, PhD, Mathematics and Statistics, Brock University; John Zwaagstra, PhD, Biotechnology, National Research Council; Laurent Leduc, PhD, Leadership, Higher and Adult Education, University of Toronto (retired); Valentina Capurri, PhD, Geography and Environmental Studies, Ryerson University

They say ‘What we know about COVID-19 has changed over the last 15 months. For example, did you know that asymptomatic transmission is no longer considered relevant for SARS-CoV-2 spread? Yet, why are the implications of the updated science on mask mandates and social distancing not being discussed?’

And then they state ‘How could one-half of the United States go safely back to the old normal with no mask mandates, distancing rules, or vaccine requirements, while the province of Ontario maintains one of the tightest restrictions of civil liberties in the world? Why are dissenting doctors silenced by their professional organizations and the media, instead of being listened to and cross-examined?’

And then tellingly they explain ‘In early 2020, asymptomatic transmission was suspected to pose a risk large enough to respond to the novel coronavirus with unprecedented lockdowns and mobility restrictions. Normally, any important government policy is subject to a cost-benefit analysis – why was this not done for the COVID-19 measures?’

Then this shocking information: ‘Independent Canadian researchers predict a devastating toll: one study estimates that 5-10 times more life is lost due to lockdowns (measured in years of life lost prematurely, i.e. Canadians dying earlier than they would without lockdowns), as compared to any lives that may have been saved, and another study pegs the costs at up to 282 times greater than the benefits.’

Why are not more academics and leaders as well as citizens taking this information more seriously? 

Fear early on captured our senses and we can’t seem to let go even when credible contrary information is presented. And our Governments with their public health officers are ruling the roost with parliamentary debate and the necessary democratic governance by the elected is sadly absent. 

The academics go on to say: ‘It does not take a degree in medicine or public health to see the possibility that the threat of SARS- CoV-2 was greatly exaggerated and the Western world’s pandemic response badly mismanaged. It is extremely dangerous to suppress diverging analyses and censor opposing views, as has been happening with respect to COVID-19 in mainstream and social media, in the public sphere and at the workplace, and even in our universities and parliaments.’

And they conclude ‘If we do not maintain careful checks and balances on government and public health officials, we run the risk of taking the wrong path for too long. This is the situation we are facing right now, and it is imperative that we stop and retrace our steps to find a sensible, sustainable way to deal with SARS- CoV-2, as we do with other endemic viruses.

‘This country has to fully re-open and get back to normal life, along with restoring long-established pandemic preparedness.’

Why has such common sense been rejected for so long and even today? 

In our smugness are we afraid that we might be able to learn something from the Americans? I mean they only are our defenders in time of war, from whom we buy much if our food and whose technology we depend on every day.