Jul. 11, 2021

Covid coverage conspiracy is real - government and media

You try to keep perspective. Get up every morning and say: take a hard look at all sides and remain fair. 

And so you scan the papers, scan the CBC, CTV and Global — you know the so-called mainstream media. 

But boy it’s hard not to conclude that there’s a conspiracy under way. 

For example, any coverage of the negative aspects of the Covid vaccines. Very little – and when there is it is cloaked so that the negatives are very small.

A Victoria Times-Colonist story about Health Canada‘s warning of blood capillary leak syndrome from taking one of the vaccines is so described as not a rare situation but very rare. 

I thought the vaccine was to help combat a medical condition not cause another one. 

Some might think this a very minor point — and I guess that’s the problem. The press and Government has so conditioned the population that almost everyone believes — it’s all so rare, so few people die or get sick — it’s all for – THE COMMON GOOD?


In scanning all the media mentioned above there was no reference to the thousands of deaths recorded in the U.S. and the hundreds of thousands of injuries. And even more in the EU. 

Why are these alarming numbers not carried? All kinds of U.S stories are carried every day – like the recent tragic condo collapse in Florida and perhaps 150 died?

What about the more than 9,000 deaths in the U.S. in just over six months as a result of the Covid vaccines and over 10,000 in the EU? Hundreds of thousands of injuries in the US and more than a million in the EU. 

There’s never talk of the experimental nature of the vaccines – just how wonderful they are – minus all the deaths and injuries. The dominant theme on the Covid coverage is just how many more are vaccinated —-it’s like 99 per cent positive to one per cent negative. Have not all previous vaccine experiments closed down after 50 deaths? Including the recent swine flu? No coverage!

Are there not more deaths in U.S. from Covid vaccines in six months than deaths from all vaccines in 30 years? No coverage!

Are there not hundreds of thousands of injuries recorded in the U.S. and over a million in the EU? No coverage!

Are not the PCR tests in all the provinces conducted in such a fashion as to make them produce mostly false positives. No coverage!

Have not doctors being persecuted by Canadian Authorities for expressing their honest views of skepticism on the vaccines? No coverage!

I wrote All the First Minsters about the persecution of Dr. Hoffe of Lytton, No response. 

One would think that these are disturbing facts that would cause major headlines in our Country. Not in Canada,and it seems most western nations, there’s a similar situation. 

In Canada I know that the Federal Government has provided hundreds of millions to the print media ($600 million) even before the Pandemic. And how much did these media companies get from the so called pandemic aid? And CBC is a signatory to a deal between global media giants to cover only what they think, Gods that they are, is important related to the pandemic. 

I don’t think these media companies reported just how much they received. I have not read, heard or seen anything on the breakdown on that. I actually asked one media group for their financial statements only to be refused. One would think that these media companies, so interested to report what other companies get from the Government in various projects, would be very forthcoming in reporting what they actually received themselves from the Government.

So how can one not be suspicious? The lack of Canadian coverage on the full vaccine story, the negatives as well as the positives, is so one sided with the negativity on deaths and injuries etc, hardly carried at all yet so obvious and historically unprecedented, that it boggles the mind. 

It leads one logically to have to surmise that it just might have something to do with the now close relationship between the government and the media.