Jul. 14, 2021

Free speech is on trial — democracy is on trial

There is strength in the phrase the more things change, the more they remain the same. 

As one reads the global news and seeks to make sense of it one is driven back in time to a very early era. The Athenian era of Socrates, 399 BC. Long time ago, chronologically, but just around the corner in other ways. 

Socrates apparently became a thorn in the side of thesystem., the elites who ran Athens of the day. He was teaching the young to think, introducing new ideas, asking questions about who we are and where we are going and how we might want to get there. He became a danger to the system as it the existed. They hence decided to take him down. 

Socrates did not write anything down, it was left to his pupil Plato. And so we have Socrates defence as related by Plato called the Apology. It is worth a read in these times. What happens is that a system gets entrenched and feeds off itself and spirals over time in on itself. And is destroyed. 

Dr. Anthony Fauci is no Socrates and in this story he is not the victim but the perpetrator of the system but given his present status he makes a great foil to Socrates. 

We see today as new revelation follows new revelation the system as represented by Fauci (perhaps today’s Meletus, one of Socrates ‘s accusers) circles around itself to defend its interests. 

Everyone who whispers a critical view of what is happening is labelled a conspiracy theorist, a quack, is taken down by the social media giants, all the way to a former President. Fauci speaking for the system, pontificates, spurred on by the pharmaceutical companies, energized by his employer, the government and given full volum /coverage by a lazy, incompetent compliant media. 

In Socrates day it was just a public trial. But there his accusers could not answer his arguments. He asked them: show where I have erred and I will give way, no takers. The same today——alternative views are shunned and most often discredited. No takers —-the system is not only silent but deliberately discredits and denigrates. 

In Canada, Dr. Hoffe of Lytton BC has been threatened by his own medical system for expressing sceptical views, Dr. Bridle, a leading university researcher at University of Guelph, Ontario, has been denigrated by his students and faculty at the University for providing research that shows the vaccines used spread to many critical organs of the body, His friends have circulated a letter in support of their beleaguered colleague. Leading scientists in Ontario wrote their Premier and his Medical Advisory Group asking some important questions. No response. 

These people are our Socrates, they ask questions and seek answers, challenging the existing narrative, or just looking for answers. 

Though the form is different the substance is the same. 

Free speech is on trial —-democracy is on trial. 

Two Canadian medical bodies, the Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons, have issued gag orders on their members in British Columbia and Ontario. 

For the past 17 years democracy has been on the decline according to Freedom Watch 

The present system seems to want even more control, its called The Great Reset ; a World Government system which those presently in control will dominate and control. There was obviously enough ‘ genetic materiel ’ left from the Magna Carte days to have the English squeak out of the fore runner of a world government, the EU. 

How else to explain the ‘put down’ of cheap effective drugs to combat the so called pandemic.

If these are accepted the Pharmaceutical Industry has no clothes. 

Its emergency authorization for its vaccines depend on there being no alternatives. Hence, the system says there are no alternatives. 

And its gets worse. These emergency approved, unfinished clinical trials vaccines have killed and injured more people in six months than all the previous vaccines have done in 30 years. What else could keep rolling along in the US at 90 deaths a day and hundreds of injuries and still be hailed as safe? 

Then there is the falsity of the PCR tests, the masks, the lockdowns. 

Socrates knew his time was up. He was given just one day to make his case. Other cities gave more time for such crimes ( impiety, false Gods etc) but the system in Athens was arranged against him. 

Today, 2500 years later, little has changed, the system is arranged against us, too.