Jul. 26, 2021

Do B.C. authorities really know what they are doing?

Do BC Authorities Really Know What They Are Doing Regarding COVID? 

I read that BC Authorities are talking about masks again and still pushing vaccinations. 

Global News headline ‘Vax up and mask up: How experts say B.C. can counter rising COVID-19 case numbers.’ 

Don’t the BC Authorities know: 

A. Study after study has shown that masks don’t work. For example, A Danish randomized controlled trial with 6,000 participants, published in the Annals of Internal Medicine in November 2020, found no statistically significant effect of high-quality medical face masks against SARS-CoV-2 infection in a community setting? (Source)

B. And their case count is based on a defective PCR tests! For example it has been shown ”that if a person gets a “positive” PCR test result at a cycle threshold of 35 or higher (as applied in most U.S. labs and many European labs), the chance that the person is infectious is less than 3%. The chance that the person received a “false positive” result is 97% or higher.’ All Canadian jurisdictions are using a cycle above 35. B.C. as of June 21 was using 35 to 40 cycle. Source: Swiss Policy Research and Justice Center For Constitutional Freedoms

And now Vaccine Impact Website and Fox News are saying that CDC in the U.S. will cancel the emergency authority for PCR Tests by the end of this year. 

One has to ask if these tests are so good why the cancellation? 

C. And do these people not know that the original virus is as good as gone and that the vaccines are not effective against the variants? Source Dr. Peter McCullough, leading global expert on Covid, 46 papers produced on the subject. Interview with Lifesite news, July 23. 

D. And that many vaccinated people are getting the virus or its variants? Many of the ‘Covid’ cases in the U.K. and Israel are from people who have been fully vaccinated. From the Business Insider ‘Israel says the Delta variant is infecting vaccinated people, representing as many as 50% of new cases. ‘

E. In the U.S. the CDC (Centre For Disease Control) has so erred that no one knows what to believe. The John Hopkins doctor, Dr. Marty Makary, just called them out for their mistakes concerning children being vaccinated. There is a study that shows the incidence of death in children from Covid is zero. 

‘After studying comprehensive data on thousands of children, the team “found a mortality rate of zero among children without a pre-existing medical condition such as leukemia.” Rather than acknowledge this scientific reality, Makary says the CDC continues to use “flimsy evidence” to push the COVID vaccine upon children.’

And BC is still pushing children to be vaccinated ? 

F. European data base is reporting 18,000 deaths from Covid vaccines, and over 1.8 million injuries. The U.S. data base is reporting over 11,000 deaths and over 400,000 reported injuries. No previous safety protocol would allow such vaccines with this level of death and injury. 

G. And the vaccines are so effective that Big Pharma says they are already suggesting ‘boosters’ and Governments are hinting that this might happen. Israeli authorities are saying the effectiveness of the vaccines begins to wane after six months. The Jerusalem Post reports: 

‘It is beginning to become clear that vaccine immunity begins to wane after about six months. The Israeli study showed that for people vaccinated more than six months ago, the effectiveness of the vaccine at stopping coronavirus dropped to as low as 16%.’ 

H. Evidence is growing that mass vaccinations may be helping in the growth of variants. Dr. Peter McCullough, American Covid expert. 

I hope that when people realize the extent of the mistakes concerning this so-called pandemic and all the damage done that heads will roll. 

But, don’t count on it.