Jul. 29, 2021

Unelected Dr. Henry decides nothing, the elected do

This is crazy. A bureaucrat running the show? 

Here she is in the Times Colonist talking away about public health policy, which is the responsibility of the elected. For example, people who are unvaccinated could be barred from establishments, Henry said, adding she supports that move by any business because outbreaks could sicken staff and shut down operations.’ 

She has no business saying “Could be barred;” she is pre-empting the minister and cabinet. This is not the way our system is supposed to work She is to make recommendations to the minister and cabinet – they decide. 

She says: "We absolutely can say 'To come in here you have to be immunized.' 

No you can’t – there is no law or regulation on this now. It was removed. 

Dr. Henry says in the same article: ‘While immunization is not mandatory", she is admitting that she is just giving an opinion. That is what she is supposed to give the elected. So she is admitted that she is just giving an opinion. That is what she is supposed give the elected. Elected people have to take back the public dialogue, it is only the elected who are publicly accountable. It is not the public health officer. The non-elected advise and recommend, the elected decide.

Musing by the unelected undermines our democracy.

Here is the law concerning the Public Health Officer according to the Government’s web site: 

“As the senior public health official for British Columbia, the Provincial Health Officer (PHO):

Provides independent advice to the Ministers and public officials on public health issues;

Monitors the health of the population of British Columbia and advises, in an independent manner, the ministers and public officials on public health issues and on the need for public health related legislation, policies and practices;

Delivers reports that are in the public interest and annual reports on the health of the population and government’s progress in achieving population health targets; and

Establishes standards of practice for, and conducts performance reviews of medical health officers.”

Nothing here about musing in public on health policy.