Aug. 5, 2021

We're not getting all the facts on virus outbreak

Letter to Editor
Times Colonist 

I note your news item today  (Aug. 5) entitled “COVID-19 outbreak declared at Campbell River care home as B.C. cases tick up.” 

Nowhere in the article do you disclose whether the new cases in the province generally , or at the home in particular, were diagnosed using the flawed PCR test or if so the “revolutions” used. Public information from The Justice Centre For Constitutional Freedoms indicates the province is using 35-40 revolutions with a PCR test. Numerous studies have shown that at such a revolution in the testing method the accuracy is less than 10 per cent , often only 3 per cent. 

Secondly, nowhere in the article is it mentioned whether the so called infected staff  at the home were vaccinated. Given the relentless push by many to accuse the unvaccinated as the cause of this latest  so-called virus increase, one has to wonder about the vaccine status of these three staff. 

It is rather alarming to think that a province that claims there are 81 per cent with the first dose and more than 68 per cent with both doses that we would have this resurgence given that we were told incessantly that with such numbers what is now happening was nigh impossible.  

Brian Peckford, Parksville