Aug. 10, 2021

Media need to fact-check their vaccine reporting

I wonder If The National Post newspaper has done a reality check on its May 11 article on vaccines and how they will get us back to normal 

On that date they did an article authored by Tristan Hopper headlined:  

“Vaccine Will Get Us Back To Normal”.

Yep, you got it right. The paper was so eager to mouth the party line that they jumped the gun! Of course, Hopper, to my knowledge is not a medical doctor or epidemiologist.

Nowhere does she mention in the article we are dealing with an experimental vaccine. Surely, omitting the truth is not a journalistic requirement these days?  

And she did not report that PCR tests used in Canada are alarmingly unreliable – using over 30 plus cycles, as Canada is, results in a 97% false positive rate. And how deaths are reported has proven to be very questionable – how many died from Covid vs how many with Covid? We do not know!!

Nor did she report that the drug companies that produced these vaccines have complete immunity if something goes wrong with the vaccines? And a lot has gone wrong!

The number of deaths from vaccines is now over 30,000 in the US and Europe. The number of injuries is over 2 million. How many deaths and injuries in the other nations comprising 6 billion? Has she reported those facts? These numbers are from the Government sponsored websites of VAERS and Eudra Vigilance. These numbers represent the highest adverse reaction to a vaccine in history!  

Tristan quotes Israel and the U.K, but these two countries since that May date have had a resurgence in cases( That’s of course if you believe the data that is likely based on flawed PCR tests) and are recording vaccinated people getting the virus, and spreading the virus. So those early studies she reports are all highly suspect, one would think. 

And now we know these experimental vaccines have a short life and boosters shots are already being used in Israel. 

She says in the article: ‘ 

‘It means there are hopefully enough willing participants for Canada to smoothly vaccinate its way into herd immunity without any holdouts compromising the process. ‘

Well I have news for Tristan: 

 The leading epidemiologist in Iceland, an over 75% fully vaccinated country, has said natural immunity is the only way to reach herd immunity. 

These are the vaccines that would get us back to normal? We need a new headline from National Post!

“The Vaccine Will Not Get Us Back To Normal”

Our own Dr. Bridle of Guelph University, maligned in his own country, has shown that contrary to what Tristan’s sources have said the vaccine travels throughout the body and could cause dangerous side effects especially to women. This information is partly due to the country Japan demanding more information from the drug companies.  

Doctors have lost their livelihoods for expressing skepticism. Is this Canada ? A Parliamentary Democracy? 

 Normal? The National press has let us down and rather than a check on government authority they have become one of them.