Aug. 10, 2021

Canada To Help Finance Moderna (Plant) Whose Net income Was $2.8 Billion In Second Quarter of 2021.

Remember when our Princeling Trudeau got in bed with the Wuhan Virus Chinese and announced a deal with them to develop a vaccine at Dalhousie University in Halifax? 

You know, the country that brought us the virus in the first place? 

Thankfully, that deal fell through – not because Canada cancelled it but because the Chinese did!

And we actually bought medical equipment from the Wuhan Virus Chinese which turned out to be defective. 

After those great successes, we are to help finance a company’s project that had a net income of $2.8 billion just in the second quarter of this year. 

And this company’s experimental Covid vaccine is reported by the European Agency, EudraVigilance, to have been responsible for 88,000 injuries, just in seven months. In the second quarter of the year. U.S. the vaccines, including Moderna, are responsible for more than 12,000 deaths, 46,000 hospitalizations and 68,000 urgent care. 

I suppose this will all be greeted with great fanfare.

Of course, our brave opposition leader, Erin O’Toole, was not to be outdone. His spokesperson is quoted by CTV News as saying, “we have a detailed plan to partner with pharmaceutical companies to increase production in Canada.”

I guess the liability clause present with the Covid vaccine deal will still be present in any new vaccines. That is, the company will be liable for nothing if anything goes wrong with the vaccines. Of course, that is not made clear in the announcement nor just how much money we will be paying to the company for this new plant. 

The money is gushing from the Federal Government, having already promised:

$199 million to Resilience Technologies in Mississauga, Ont., about half the cost of expanding its existing plant to make up to 640 million doses of mRNA vaccines every year.

And according to Canadian Press and CTV News, “Canada has also promised $126 million to the National Research Council to build a new biologics production plant in Montreal, that is set to make the Novavax vaccine, once it is approved.

Canada also promised more than $400 million to help Sanofi complete a $925-million expansion of its vaccine production plant in Toronto. The existing plant mainly makes flu vaccines, and the expansion will focus on that as well.

So we are up to $775 million before we know the cost of this new Moderna facility. 

Oh? Of course, this new facility will be built in Quebec. Gotta think of those precious 78 federal seats as the election looms. 

Governments are calling our homes, using all kinds of coercive methods on us to take unapproved drugs that have caused thousands of deaths in less than a year, the manufacturers of which bears no liability, and are using faulty PCR testing, forcing masks that do not work, through unnecessary lockdowns restricting our right and freedoms guaranteed under our Constitution, and now spending our money supporting financially-viable companies while we are ignorant of any cost benefit analysis of these investment.