Aug. 11, 2021

So what does vaccine status mean now? Zilch

A BC Judge seems to “get” it. The smallest of cracks can display some light! And this goes for Justice Gomery of British Columbia. 

Hopefully, besides a person’s privacy, important as it is , he has read the science. Vaccinated People can acquire, possess, and spread Covid.  

From all over the world examples are now rampant that vaccinated people are getting Covid: The U.S., Israel, and the U.K. are examples that have been made public. People with boosters shots in Israel have come down with COVID.  

And dangerously, vaccinations may encourage other variants, according to some experts in the field. 

Here’s a question, among many , from the Association of Physicians and Surgeons: 

“Are the effects of the mRNA – which causes your cells to make spike protein – limited in quantity and restricted in distribution? The spike protein has been found circulating in the blood and accumulating in tissues, especially bone marrow and ovaries. It can even cross the blood-brain barrier.”  

Dr. Ryan Cole of Frontline Doctors in a video showed the inflamed internal organs of a deceased vaccinated patient.

Judge Gomery was asked by the crown prosecutor to check the vaccine status of the jurors in a recent case. The judge replied:

“I do not think the participation of unvaccinated jurors risks public confidence in the administration of justice,” Justice Geoffrey Gomery said in an Aug. 8 Powell River case ruling.”

He went on to say: “Participants in the justice system are sometimes required to disclose personal and private information in open court, but the question is one that should only be required if circumstances demand it,” Gomery said. Obviously, the Judge did not think the circumstances did demand it in this case. 

Can I hope that common sense and science is beginning to show its face publicly?