Aug. 19, 2021

Conservative party of Canada is Liberal to the core

Erin O’Toole is his name. He is Canada’s Conservative leader, so called. But he is anything but a Conservative. 

He demoted one shining-light Conservative Pierre Poilievre; and fired another real conservative Derek Sloan.

He has Andrew Sheer in his shadow cabinet – you know the guy who took party members’ money to spend on private school for his kids. 

Now he just performed a liberal dance by promising billions of new pandemic money – we are already have more than a trillion-dollar debt. 

And to top it off he supports the unscientific, freedom-crushing vaccine passports for public servants and for anyone travelling or if not vaccinated travellers and public servants to be chased around for testing daily, however that would work.

Here is a Western Standard Magazine quote:
“Federal Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole announced if elected prime minister he will require vaccine passports of all federal employees and for inter-provincial travel, however daily rapid testing will be allowed for those without one. 

Under O’Toole’s plan, federal employees who cannot or will not provide a vaccine passport would be required to take and pass a rapid test every single day that they attend their place of work. 

Canadians wishing to travel Canada would similarly be required to provide a vaccine passport to board a bus, train, plane, or ship, or else take a rapid test. 

We should give O’Toole a one way ticket to down under – where I understand liberty and freedom have lost any meaning. 

He has worn out his welcome on the North side of the equator. Perhaps he can take Trudeau in tow.

Then we will have only the Socialists and a true Conservative Party, the Peoples Party of Canada to deal with. A true contrast – true conservative you say – yes – the leader Mr. Bernier just gave his first big promise – there will be no promises. Here is the Western Standard Magazine headline  

Bernier pledges to promise nothing

“I will not be appealing to your immediate self-interest but to your intelligence and love of our country.”

Now isn’t that refreshing – no passports, no mandatory vaccines. You know, your intelligence matters. And your freedom!