Aug. 20, 2021

Censorship is real – we need leaders to stand up

The Canada Facebook Director and head of public policy, Kevin Chan, in an interview with state-owned CBC has confirmed that censorship exists in Canada 

Here is part of what he said

“So if people, anybody on Facebook is saying things about the coronavirus that can lead to physical harm, we will remove it.’” 

“For example, posts that claim that COVID-19 vaccines kill or seriously harm people will be removed, as will claims that wearing masks doesn't prevent the spread of COVID-19.”

Can you believe this –

•When Governments’ own agencies are reporting 30,000 deaths and 2,000,000 injured as a result of the vaccines  – the American VAERS Agency and Eudra Vigilance European Agency? 

• When I have 37 independent studies before me which say masks are not effective. There are even independent studies that say masks can harm people. For example, there are seven such studies on the Swiss Policy research site, some being a study by the University Hospital of Leipzig and The European Rapid Alert System. 

These internet people have no medical expertise and are simply following a narrative, one side of the story, censoring the other side of the story. 

This company, Facebook, is deliberately withholding information that is critical for a full understanding of the Covid situation, information that is published by governments and independent groups. 

When will Canadian leaders in law, medicine, business, academia stand up and be counted?  Our Country is sliding into a very bad place.