Aug. 30, 2021

You have To stand For Freedom, Or Not Stand At All

This is what our law breaking Prime Minister is saying. “Provinces, here’s a billion dollars (borrowed money, of course) if you implement a vaccine passport scheme.”

And the sneaky Conservative Leader is saying if the Provinces restrict freedom it is alright with him. What a cop out. Silent on of what he would do otherwise if elected. Trying to falsely show he respects the Provinces. Picked a rather important issue, Provincial jurisdiction over freedom. Disgusting! Did you ever hear anything so scary?

Without a debate in Parliament – once the home of debate on important subjects like freedom or its restriction. 

And the Socialist leader, well, it seems the more restriction the better. 

There are some things where principle is extremely important.

One is freedom. Freedom of choice, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, free and fair elections, equal before the law, security of the person, freedom of the press, independent judiciary, property rights – you know, all the things we took for granted. 

Poof, gone!

A Chicago Judge just ruled a mother is to be denied her parental rights because of her a vaccination status. 

Only one leader in this country Canada that I can see is standing up for freedom, against the masks, lockdowns, vaccine passports. That is Maxim Bernier of the Peoples Party of Canada.  

All the other major party leaders to some degree or another would restrict our freedom. 

Anyone following this column has heard of Denmark and what they are doing. Of course, nowhere to be found in the mainstream media.

Denmark is to eliminate all Covid measures that restrict freedom etc. by Oct 1. A month from now. Many are already gone. 

And this is not decreed by some unelected bureaucrat, as other political leaders hide behind them and fake science.  It is the Parliament of Denmark, those responsible to the people. 

My recent column from the American Institute Of Economic Research completely demolishes the mask, vaccine passport, lockdown mantra of most Governments. The Institute article calls it all “porn panic.” 

They say: ‘The leaders in public health and government spokespersons as well as the corrupted media are quickly progressing toward endorsing and implementing and registering of individuals under the guise of a public health emergency. That our Governments are even considering the issuance of what have become known as Covid-19 “vaccine passports” is very troubling on many levels. The very idea is anathema to our democratic principles and rights that are enshrined in the US Constitution.”

They go on to say: “These passports are simply unjustifiable on any grounds, not the least of which is the fact that SARS-CoV-2 is no more deadly on a population level than influenza. Ostensibly, the passports are designed to allow individuals to partake in everyday commerce and “life” with freedom. ‘

“We and others argue that such will drive the development of a heretofore unheard of (in the USA and Canada) caste system of the haves (have vaccine passports) and the have nots (don’t have vaccine passports).” 

All independent studies show more damage from lockdowns than from the virus itself. Masks, from scores of studies, don’t work. The same for PCR tests. Yet, here I am forced to wear a mask in British Columbia. The vaccine passport is an assault on our liberties, and rights as enshrined in our Charter of Right and Freedoms. 

What is it that has captured so much of the population– fear seems to dominate created by a political class that ignores fact for dogma? A feudal concept if ever there was one. 

U.K. reports more Covid cases from the vaccinated than the unvaccinated according to Free West Media. Not carried on this side of the Atlantic. 

“From February 1 through August 2, Britain recorded 742 deaths from the delta variant. Of these, 402 were fully vaccinated while 79 had received just one shot. The remaining 253 cases were unvaccinated. 

In Israel and the U.S. state of Vermont too, a majority of new hospitalizations were “fully vaccinated”.

Over the next weeks of this Federal election campaign we will see who we really are versus who we pretend to be. Because the choice is clear now – between freedom and the many proposals to limit it.