Sep. 7, 2021

It’s getting scary –The PM now using the word ‘mob‘

Listening to and watching Justin Trudeau last evening felt very scary. And Erin O’toole is no better as he changes course again. This time on guns. 

These people do not deserve our vote. 

It’s downright frightening to hear these people violate the constitution – rights and freedoms just go out the door on the whim of some unelected bureaucrat who is using outdated and sometimes partial medical information. 

Not one do these people talk of the flawed PVR (covid) tests which in Canada use cycles ranging from 33 to over 40 rendering the tests close to useless. Citing cases based on this is sheer folly, but it is fear mongering. 

And that seems to be part of the plan. I have now gone to more than 150 doors in my riding and the level of fear among many is unbelievable. The mere mention that many masks are unreliable and in some cases counter productive will get you banned from the door. 

Nor do they talk of the tremendous loss of life and injury as a result of taking the vaccines. More than 33,000 dead, more than 2.5 million injured, just in America and Europe. We all know of someone – but it is hush, hush – and anyway just a coincidence. Ha!

The arrogant dismissal of learned, global experts is perhaps the most scary of all – witness the suppression of the Great Barrington Declaration, of Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Byram Bridle and scores of others around the world. 

Trudeau is in danger of not getting his majority and so now he will begin lashing out at those who oppose and he is, in his words and actions, dividing this country even more that it already is. 

And as I say, O’Toole the so-called Conservative leader, seems rushing toward all the Liberal ideas as fast as he can. 

The Prime Minister’s discussion yesterday of passports and the deliberate infringement of our rights and freedoms seems like just another policy announcement, violating the Hippocratic oath, Nuremberg Code and the Helsinki Agreement in one fell swoop. And O’Toole tags along for the ride.  

Of course, Trudeau incites the heat he is now getting. And now uses the word “mob”. 

No doubt Daddy’s War Measures Act has crossed his mind.

Many Canadians do not realize what is happening to our country. I see this at the door, basic rights are dispensable, few have heard how doctors’ rights are being suppressed and how the media are refusing to carry a balanced narrative. People are surprised when this information is provided and will not believe it. 

There is almost a collective aversion to the facts and that there may be another side to the story. We are travelling on a very dangerous road.