Sep. 8, 2021

Court rule in favour of Levant, slaps down Trudeau and the system

Rebel News, Ezra’s news organization, just reported: “Moments ago the Federal Court of Canada issued its ruling on our emergency hearing yesterday. Justice Elizabeth Heneghan agreed with us that Justin Trudeau’s hand-picked debates commission was wrong to have excluded our Rebel News reporters from attending the leaders' debates."

This is the second time Levant was forced to court to get freedom of the press honoured. He had to do it in 2019 too. And won!

This is the state of our democracy that we have to go to court to safeguard our freedoms.

Don’t get your hopes up, conservatives and socialists, you are also part of the problem because  where was the Conservative Leader or the NDP Leader, were they out there defending Ezra and Rebel News? 

Were the law societies, university law departments out there defending freedom of the press?

Were the other newspapers and press out there loudly proclaiming this injustice? They are paid off, so silence reigns. 

This is like Putin’s Russia where people are forced to court regularly to defend basic human rights.

This is today’s Canada, aided and abetted by a rotten system that condones obstruction of justice in the SNC Lavalin affair, shuts down Parliamentary Committees, takes helicopter rides with friends who get money from the government, and tries to give millions to charity friends. 

And that now seeks to flagrantly disregard the Charter of Rights and Freedoms as it implements draconian measure across the country to deny freedom of association, assembly, and security of the person, all found in the Charter. 

All this excused by a 99-per-cent recovery rate for a virus.

Thank God there’s still an Ezra Levant around.