Sep. 20, 2021

CBC bias is deliberate and dishonest

I just looked up the news on the website Canada NewsWatch. There you get a collection of new stories from many news outlets.

Of course, heading the stories was one in which they show photographs of some of the party leaders. You know, the one-billion-dollar-subsidy CBC. The story is headlined "Canadians head to the polls as political wildcards leave election outcome up in the air" 

Conspicuously left out is Maxim Bernier, and conspicuously left in is the Green Party leader. 

But Bernier and his Peoples Party is far ahead of Annamie Paul and the Green Party. CBC's own Eric Grenier has the Peoples Party at 7 per cent and the Green party at 3.5 per cent. 

So why the exclusion? 

It's deliberate and its dishonest and another indication of the depths to which the media have fallen and our democracy has declined. And there is little end in sight if they are accurate at all. 

Likely a Liberal Minority with the Socialists propping them up. 

More freedom stolen and more corruption – conflict of interest law breaking, parliamentary committee shut down and obstruction of justice and spending beyond our means adding to our over trillion dollar debt. 

If by some chance the Conservative muster a majority because of the hatred for Trudeau, not the admiration for O’toole, we are left with a intellectually challenged Government with the former leader Andrew Sheer, you know the fellow who took party money to finance private schooling for his kids, in the new cabinet and a platform that sees more spending and entertaining a globalist agenda which sees our sovereignty diminished. 

To those who object on the photos and say that later in the story a photo of Bernier is shown. Oh, yes and others of the other leaders as well. But when all are together implying the top leaders  – the illegitimate Greens are there, the legitimate Peoples Party is not. 

And as we all know symbols are important, and there are sins of commission and sins of omission.