Sep. 28, 2021

Did Canadians get what they deserved in election?

We thought the election was well, okay. 

Got that! Ain’t bad, eh? 

According to Canadian Press, Canadians may not be thrilled with the outcome of last week's federal election but a new poll suggests few are angry that it produced an almost identical result to the 2019 nation-wide vote.

Just 10 per cent of respondents to the Leger survey said they're happy with the outcome, which produced another Liberal minority government led by Justin Trudeau and only minor changes to the seat counts of all the parties.

But another 24 per cent said they're comfortable with the outcome, while nine per cent said they prefer a minority government in any event and 14 per cent said they're indifferent.’

So 48 per cent are OK with it.

Only 10 per cent said they were angry with the outcome. Justin Trudeau and his sidekick Gerald Butts must be pleased. 

That means full speed ahead. All those restricting free speech bills no doubt will be resurrected and other plandemic measures that savagely break our Charter of Rights. 

And the NDP ? They can only go along because no one wants another over a half billion dollar election.  

So essentially the Liberals are dealing, especially in the next two years, with a de facto majority. 

Welcome to our Socialist State.  How many did I see not working this summer? Taking it off on my and your money!

Meanwhile Sweden, Norway, and Denmark, those we all thought were freedom breaking states are lifting all plandemic restrictions. 

What a contrast! What was that phrase – you get what you deserve?