Oct. 13, 2021

We're being sold a bill of goods on coronavirus statistics

It’s hard to find, but 36 per cent of new Covid cases in B.C. are among the vaccinated, according to a government that has not been open with the facts.

Shocking numbers when one thinks what we were sold. And can you believe them? 

Based on the Government of B.C. statements, getting vaccinated almost guaranteed you were protected from the COVID virus. And now they are beginning to admit the vaccinated are getting infected. 

Remember safe and effective? Safe? When people are dying in record numbers in North America from the vaccine and hundreds of thousands are injured, according to the VAERS system in the U.S. Effective, when already at least 36 per cent of new cases are among the vaccinated right here in B.C.? 

How times have changed.

And if anything the way the numbers have been manipulated, cases recorded with faulty PCR tests that were not even designed for this use, deaths counted with COVID not “from Covid”, who knows what the real numbers are. And we might never know. I have been told by people who know, that the statistical methods were changed last year. 

Where did I find this information? It’s on page 18 of a 52-page B.C. Government report dated October 7, titled Data Summary.