Nov. 2, 2021

Prevention $65, experimental treatment, free

Do you get that? A Vitamin D test costs $65. An experimental drug not fully tested is free. Vitamin D is known to help against the covid virus.  

Swiss Policy Research says: "Vitamin D3 supports and improves the immune system response to infections." And it quotes: 

  • A retrospective British study of approximately 1000 hospitalized covid patients found an 80% reduction in mortality with high-dose vitamin D.
  • A large Israeli study found a strong link between vitamin D deficiency and covid-19 severity.

Meanwhile the free vaccines cause death and injuries — in the US, the VAERS system reports 17,000 deaths as a result of the covid vaccines as of October 15 and the European Union system, Eudra Vigilance, reports 28,000 deaths as of Oct.19. Injuries from the vaccines in the two places combined is over 3 million deaths in one and a half years from covid vaccines to be more than deaths from all vaccines over last 30 years.  

Why would the British Columbia government cause a vitamin D test to cost $65, a test that could help people decide if they need more vitamin D to stave off infection, yet cause experimental vaccines not fully tested, and known to cause more deaths than previous vaccines, to be free?  

Does the Government want more covid? Are they interested in our health? Their actions belie their words.