Nov. 9, 2021

This is the stuff of totalitarian systems

“They should consider if they are in the wrong profession.”

This is the stuff of arrogant bureaucrats. This is British Columbia’s unelected Public Heath Officer. This is how she addresses the unvaccinated health care workers. She is blissfully unaware of what is going on in this world.

The exact quote from the Times Colonist states: “Provincial health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry said last week that if health-care workers don’t want to be vaccinated against COVID-19, they should think about whether they are in the wrong profession.” 

Meanwhile experts the world over have talked about how this is not about the unvaccinated anymore. Vaccinated people carry as great a viral load as the unvaccinated. BC’s own statistics show in October more covid cases of the vaccinated than the unvaccinated. 

And there now is evidence that the vaccinated are of greater danger than the unvaccinated given that they could be carrying the virus longer without symptoms than the unvaccinated.

Prof. Dr. Günter Kampf, consultant hospital epidemiologist and associate professor for hygiene and environmental medicine at the University Medicine Greifswald, Institute for Hygiene and Environmental Medicine, Germany, states in an essay for the Brownstone Institute on the myth of the unvaccinated: “In the world of bacteria, Darwin’s principle of the survival of the fittest is known that any selection pressure caused by antibiotics and biocidal agents enhances tolerance, finally resulting in a cellular adaptive response which enables the cell to survive in a rather hostile environment (23). 

“If this principle is transferred to viruses, it may well be that the vaccinated with a partial immunity for Covid-19 could have better contributed to the development of variants that can at least partially escape human immune responses (24).”

And he quotes: “In Israel a nosocomial outbreak of Covid-19 was reported involving 16 healthcare workers, 23 exposed patients and two family members. The source was a fully vaccinated patient who was diagnosed to have Covid-19. Under all exposed individuals (151 healthcare workers and 97 patients) the vaccination rate was 96.2%. Fourteen fully vaccinated patients became severely ill or died, the two unvaccinated patients developed mild disease (18).”

We see all around us people stoked with fear, and irrationality as a result of the irresponsible statements of this so-called public servant.