Nov. 17, 2021

What have they got to hide? These Premiers

I have proposed to the Premiers of Canada that they refer their harsh covid measures to their highest court to see whether what they are doing is constitutional. 

You can go to and watch a video concerning it. 

All the Premiers have this authority. 

I used the procedure when I was Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador in the 1980s. 

So, what could the reasons be for refusing to use this procedure? 

Some have suggested technical reasons dealing with process. Ha! If there is one thing Canadians know well it is process. Results? Not so much. 

Another is just that many of the Provinces have leadership that is well, you know, just not up to snuff. Now this is a probability, more than a possibility. Witness the gyrations of Premier Ford, Moe, and Kenny over the last while and you wonder how in all common sense they got in office in the first place. None of the ten have stood out on competence. My own native Province has the gall, let’s call it silliness, or incompetence, to tell me that they cannot tell me why they will not implement this measure. Boggles he mind, I know.  

Or is it because of Federal influence? I suspect the Federal Government would not take kindly to such a Provincial measure? Please note that this year the Federal Government is transferring to the Provinces $43 billion under the Canada Health Transfer. Parenthetically, the transfer is really illegal now given the Provinces do not meet the conditions of the transfer of universality and, comprehensiveness. The draconian covid measures have put a kibosh on meeting those conditions. And a further $15 billion in a social transfer. But I digress.  

Lastly, could it be that the Provinces are just downright afraid? Any such action would likely see intervenors approved by the court in such circumstance. Could it be that the mountains of evidence that courts up to now have ignored would become more public and the judges would be forced to look at ideas in the Great Barrington Declaration and Dr. Douglas Allen’s study, or the numerous studies highlighted by the Canadian Covid Care Alliance (Dr. Bridle) or Dr. Charles Hoffes and Dr. Daniel Nagases circumstance and Dr. Peter McCullough or Dr. Pierre Kory or Dr. Paul Marik and the scores of others from around the world?  

Methinks, to change the great bard’s famous quote: “There’s something rotten in the state of Canada.”