Dec. 22, 2021

The deception of the B.C. government

For almost two years now we have been served a steady diet of heath numbers most of them woefully incomplete.

What is it with the government? It is as if they want to keep us in the dark and just up the numbers regardless what they mean. 

Again today more restrictions violating the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. 

The Charter (Section 1) was not meant for such conditions but for a circumstance where the state was threatened, war, insurrection — not a medical condition where 99 per cent recover and the fatality rate is 0.08 per cent. So the section that could give the state ‘a pass’ so to speak, does not apply. 

And even for argument sake, if this section did apply the government has not met the four tests of demonstrably justify, by law, reasonable limits and what is consistent with a free and democratic society. Is closing places down and restricting people to where they can go consistent with a free and democratic society? Where is the cost benefit analysis proving demonstrably justify? Most studies show the cure is worse that the disease.


I looked at the numbers, charts that the government provided. They are still using cases which is very deceptive since most of the PCR tests used to get these cases are faulty given the cycle the government is using – only five per cent valid. This is the test that the U.S. CDC is going to phase out in a week or so.  

And given that the two jabs were to be the panacea, the answer, now the vaccinated receive and spread the so-called virus just like the unvaccinated, that masks were supposed to be very effective, debunked by study after study, to believe the Government now takes the suspension of logic on a grand scale.

Breaking the Constitution, holding back information, exaggerating other information seems to be the hallmark of this unscientific government caught in the cross hairs of Big Pharma and Big Tech, cheered on by a government-bought media.