Connie Isherwood on the job until her death at 101

Connie Isherwood

Constance “Connie” Isherwood, of Nanaimo, the oldest practising lawyer in the province, was still working two hours before she died Tuesday at the age of 101.

She worked that day and was very worried about closing real estate deals by the end of the day. She didn’t want to put anybody else out. She died at 6 p.m. said her son George told CKEK news She celebrated her 101st birthday on Jan. 19 with a dinner at Moxie’s, said her son. She had been slowing down recently, suffering from congestive heart failure and her breathing became laboured. 

The family will celebrate his mother’s life when the pandemic allows it, her son said. FULL STORY

Canada tightens regulations for international air travel

0129 – If you had a Caribbean or Mexican vacation in mind, forget it. The Canadian government is finally getting serious about air travel as it relates to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Our prime minister has issued an edict that all Canadian travellers returning from overseas will have to take a COVID-19 test at the airport when they land and quarantine in a designated hotel for three days at their own expense.

Those with negative test results will be able to quarantine for the remainder of the mandatory two weeks at home, while those with positive tests will be required to quarantine in designated government facilities.

Airlines will suspend service to all Caribbean and Mexican destinations starting this Sunday until April 30.

Trudeau says it's important to further restrict international travel as more infectious variants of COVID-19 spread around the globe. In the coming weeks, non-essential travelers will also have to show a negative test before entry at the land border with the United States.