The Homer Award – Saluting a Real Man of Genius

Our Founder

We have a major problem with the Coronavirus vaccination program, our supply has dried up. So Prime Minister Justin Trudeau finally gives his blessing by ordering millions of doses of to-be-made-in-Canada vaccine. 

That’s after fiddling around playing Let’s Make A Deal with China. That experiment crashed.

No, there's no approved vaccine yet, the factory won’t be completed construction until July, if then. No it’s not the one in Calgary which claims its ready. It is in Montreal and needs tons of tax money to complete construction. The vaccine itself is in the testing stage now and could be ready for production and distribution by late this year if all goes well.

Actual vaccine, if approved by Health Canada, would have to be manufactured in the U.S. for months to come. Providence Therapeutics of Calgary, which has researchers involved in testing Nobel prize winning advances in cancer treatment, is in Phase 1 trials with its Covid vaccine.

In the meantime, Trudeau is tossing around millions and millions of dollars to numerous other entities trying to enter the vaccine production race  By the time this nightmare is over we'll have pharmaceutical plants dotting the entire country.

And just to make sure we are kept aware, he is launching a $64-million public education and awareness campaign and enhancements to record-keeping of vaccine appointments so we'll all know when and where to get our shots.