Paul Manly served us well in Parliament
Paul Manly devoted two and a half years in Parliament to promote a cause he really believes in. Not being part of the political mainstream in Ottawa many of his efforts did not get the attention they deserved. Now he has to re-establish himself in the community and energize the business he put on the back burner while he was working on our behalf.

Hospital staff get deserved recognition

NRGH management staff staged morale booster for hospital staff in response to a boisterous protest earlier this month.

The gathering outside the hospital’s front doors and the lobby on Monday had entertainment, therapy animals and food.

Operations director Marci Eckland said the vast majority of people in our community support the hospital and that’s what we just need to focus on – positivity. Wendy Wearne, retiring co-ordinator of site operations at NRGH, helped co-ordinate the event. “We knew that we had to balance it and so the word got out that we were actually doing something and everybody jumped on board,” she said.

Firefighters raise $18,000 of Muscular Dystrophjy

Nanaimo Professional Firefighters IAFF Charitable Society spent two days asking for donations for the annual Muscular Dystrophy Boot Drive. They came away with about $18,000, the highest amount raised in recent memory. Last year they didn’t do a full-fledged boot drive because of the pandemic, but the previous year they raised $12,000. Firefighter Jared MacLeod said virtually all of the amount was collected at the boot drive sites Sept. 18-19 with a small percentage of the total donated online.

Good deeds and service deserve to be recognized

Countless people deserve to be thanked, something we don’t do often enough. Good deeds deserve recognition, thank front line workers who have done so much, but just as importantly, individuals who have made your life better. They’ll appreciate being recognized for their kindness. You can thank someone right here, simply tell us whom you thank and for what. Send your thank you to