NightOwls join West Coast League teams in The Dugout

02/26 – The  Nanaimo NightOwls, Victoria HarbourCats and, their fellow Canadian teams, the Kamloops NorthPaws, Kelowna Falcons and Edmonton Riverhawks, along with the other 10 teams in the West Coast League (WCL), will now be spending  a lot of time together in The Dugout.

No, this is not some huge rule change, or cost savings measure that the WCL is implementing, but rather, is a new and free, go-to website and social media news network to track grassroots and amateur baseball in Canada.

The site will provide information on all levels of the game, all amateur, from the very start of play in the game, to the elite summer collegiate leagues, including the West Coast League.

Led by talented feature writers, who love the game and telling the great stories around it, to contributed information from youth levels, will be Canada's place to go for the latest important bulletins, for results from games and tournaments, and to see discussion of the key topics about this great game -- which will emerge from the pandemic, stronger than ever. is a free site, for content, to submit content, to share content. It's a place for everyone, anyone, to tell their stories, to celebrate the kids and amateurs who literally play for the love of the game.

The site will be configured so as to draw information and content directly from participating organizations' web feeds automatically, as well as to be able to accept direct contributions from individuals and authors.

For example, if you are a team with your own blog, website, etc. and simply don’t have the time to submit stories to multiple outlets, you can use  The Dugout’s Wire Service to register your current website, so you only need to keep doing what you’re doing, and The Dugout can take care of the rest.

Individuals can also sign up as authors, submit stories and after a quick vetting by The Dugout editorial staff, have those articles posted under the appropriate category on the web site.

The categories of baseball related information on The Dugout will evolve over time, but the focus will be on amateur baseball in Canada.

Some of the initial categories on the site include the various Provincial baseball organizations, Baseball Canada, Canadian college baseball organizations, Summer Collegiate baseball leagues, elite high school baseball and of course local, grassroots baseball organizations.

That is not to say that will exclude professional baseball coverage from the mix. Certainly if there is a feature story about a Canadian player who signs with a pro team, or a Canadian with a strong linkage to some other aspect of professional baseball, it will be included, but the day-to-day coverage of MLB and MiLb will be left to other sites that already do that very well.

The grassroots of baseball in Canada is strong, and is new in place, and ready to grow, so we can all further develop the greatest game on earth.

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Baseball fans hit a home run with New Year's food drive

Baweball fans in Nanaimo and Victoria delivered one and a half tons of food to the Nanaimo NightOwls and Victoria HarbourCats combined food drive on New Year’s day. 

Jim Swanson Managing Partner and GM of both teams who play in the West Coast League, said the scene was impossible to describe. 

Food drives in both cities netted a $2,654 in cash donations and 3,178 pounds of donated food, equivalent to $8,326.36. In Nanaimo, food and cash donations were given to Loaves and Fishes and in Victoria to the The Mustard Seed. 

In Nanaimo, Sign Zone brought a cash donation while cars circled the ballpark parking lot in drenched conditions. All in the name, in both locations, of filling RVs provided by Arbutus RV, with support from Save On Foods, Panago on Fourth in Nanaimo, The Wilson's Group of Companies, Nanaimo Chamber of Commerce and other partners and stakeholders. Fans of both teams were front and centre in the giving.

All was done following current rules and guidelines in the name of public health safety.

"People have all been impacted by this, but they want to help others, and our best use of time these days is to help our communities get through this -- what we do best is bring people together, and our staff worked hard on this," said Swanson. "We added a surprise 20-minute fireworks show in Nanaimo just after dark, that perked up people's spirits going into 2021,. It was cathartic, we all felt the release of being at an event."

The two clubs will start the season in June. They plan to make the food drives (and fireworks?) an annual event -- mark it down for Jan. 1, 2022.