Aug. 24, 2021

Canada's Afghan refugee rescue not a pretty picture

We’ve seen news reports in the U.S. about how badly their administration has fouled up the evacuation of qualified refugees from Afghanistan. Frankly, it has been a disgusting display of ineptitude, falling a at the feet of President Joe Biden.

But not us, we have seen media reports of successful operations by Canada, getting refugees to our country or other hosting countries. It paints a glowing picture when compared with the U.S.

It makes great fodder for our government, especially on a federal election campaign. However, that picture is not so glowing as presented by former national television news anchor Kevin Newman.

In one case, Canada directed special refugees who had been granted Canadian citizenship to a gas station next to the airport where they would be directed to flights to take them out to freedom. Kevin describes how about 100 showed up, only to find nobody there to help them, leaving them without necessities like food and water while the Canadian bureaucracy dithers.

Canadian Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino had assured that department staff had been authorized to cut the red tape, but apparently they ignored the minister.

Despite mountainous hurdles, Americans are getting their people out, the same cannot be said for Canada. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau blamed the Taliban for making it impossible to do better. “Unless the Taliban shift their posture significantly — which is something the international community and Canada are working on — it's going to be very difficult to get many people out,” Trudeau said.

But other countries are succeeding. Kevin reports that our allies had eyes and boots on the ground this week at Kabul’s airport. Canada did not. It closed its embassy and withdrew all its diplomats and military by jet to Ottawa just as the Taliban was rolling into town. The government left no one behind to talk to the Taliban, or our allies, as they organized and negotiated the rescue of thousands. 

Kevin’s report – The people we left behind at the gas station – is necessary reading for all Canadians. He also posted a second report – Canada is slow, risk averse and selfish.