Sep. 13, 2021

Bouncing poll numbers keep us in suspense

The numbers are edging ever so slightly in the daily election polls to the point that we could well be in for a squeaker in Nanaimo-Ladysmith on election night. 338 Canada poll shows even with a single point change can jump a candidate into first place from third. Paul Manly of the Greens, was in third place, only one point behind Lisa Marie Barron of the NDP and Conservative Tamara Kronis. Then he jumped into the lead. Each of those two had held brief leads. 

Whatever Manly has picked up has shown a matching decrease for the NDP. It’s the same story with the Conservative – whatever percentage she has dropped shows up for People’s Party candidate Stephen Welton. He has elevated his ranking from just over one per cent support at the start of the campaign to now getting close to six per cent.

On the national scene, as of Saturday, the Conservatives had 32.9% support and the Liberals 31.7% with the NDP at 19.2% The eye opener is the PPC at 6.3% nationally compared to the Greens’ 3.1%

More than ever, this is where the saying “every vote counts” could be right on the mark.