Nov. 23, 2021

Rampaging floods underline our dependence on fossil fuels

The flooding disasters in the province have given us a glance into the possible future. It’s an  education about what happens in the real world when the supply chain is interrupted. We get rationing due to delivery shortages everywhere from grocery stores to gas stations.

The Trans Mountain Pipeline shutdown, even for a short period, disrupted fuel supplies. It’s not only about pipelines that deliver the fuel to Vancouver, it is transported by tanker trucks to stations across the province. And there closed highways have thrown a wrench into that service.

Our food supply is in some disarray largely due to transportation systems being limited due to the road closures. There have been reports of hoarding, but that’s not part of the big picture.

This should be a harsh wake up about our dependence of fossil fuels. That’s the common denominator, whether by pipeline or the highways. You can’t simply go to the nearest electrical outlet to plug-in and get fuel and groceries.

Eliminating fossil fuels in the next few years is a dream, if not a nightmare. Just take note of what happens in even this short time frame. Replacing that essential life blood with electricity and other hair-brained dreams threatens our very existence.

This is a much greater threat than all the climate fear mongering we are constantly forced to endure. A B.C. doctor recently claimed to have discovered an illness he labelled climate disease. At the same time, mental health experts are warning that incessant climate fear could become a major mental health issue.

Oh, and the forecast calls for three more heavy rain storms by today and into the weekend.