Salvation Army kettle drive launches Nov. 19

Statement from Salvation Army

Welcome to the 2021 Kettle Campaign. The kettle team for 2021 is Alana (our Kettle Coordinator, myself (Dawne)  and Carolyn. Please feel free to speak to any of us. The new kettle phone number is 250-824-0324.

Yes we will be doing the kettles this year and the time to begin is fast approaching. Kettles will begin on Friday, November 19.

There are new COVID-19 procedures to follow this year at the kettle. First and foremost, to be a Volunteer, we need to see your Proof of Vaccination before volunteering. This can be done by e-maiing a copy of your vaccination QR code, texting a photo of it or dropping by the office and shows us the proof in person.

Kettle workers will be wearing masks, and we will have wipes at the kettle (put there by us) to wipe down the kettle bubble after each donation. We will be having our Tap machines back this year but it is improved with 3 tap choices ($5,10 & 20).   (those who want to donate $20 only have to tap once 😊. We are asking that you verbally say thank you for their donation as we won’t be giving out anything by hand.

If you are at a location that bells can be rung, then you will have to bring your own as we can’t  pass them from one person to another. We also won’t have aprons at the locations. We will have volunteer badges for you to come and pick up. It identifies you as being a volunteer AND they have important phone numbers on the back of them.

The shifts are changing back to 2 1/2hr hours and we will have 4 shifts a day at some locations and 3 shifts at others. They are 10:30-1, 1-3:30, 3:30-6 and 6-8:30p.m.

We have attached the sign up sheets for you to complete and send back to us. We will contact you with confirmation about your shifts as soon as we have them booked and have seen your Proof of Vaccination.