Jan. 3, 2022

The virus pandemic appears to be spinning out of control

Are they losing control? The daily reports by provincial health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry and Health Minister Adrian Dix are becoming relatively meaningless. They report that their daily positive test counts and immunizations lineups are inaccurate because they are scattered all over the place. Thousands are taking home tests and not reporting them, and vaccinations are falling way behind schedule.

They have changed course over who should get the tests. Those who are vaccinated, are not considered high risk and have mild symptoms, were told that instead of heading to a testing centre, they should just assume they have the disease and self-isolate. She called it taking personal responsibility.

Looking back over almost two years of pandemic control you get to the point of questioning the validity of it all. How valuable was the expensive testing process and how much did it really do to control the virus? Hindsight is always perfect, but looking back, as they now say, if you had coronavirus you would have known, and no test would have been necessary. What the test really showed ­– either you were sick or you were not, and you would know if you were sick.

Putting a greater focus on vaccination would have had a major positive impact. A lot of near hysteria could have been avoided. Was the testing process just money down the drain so government could appear to be have the problem in hand a daily basis and appear to in control?

If they had said, as they say now, that everyone who suspects COVID to keep cool, stay home and isolate to avoid contact with any one. And if they were really sick to show up at the hospital emergency department.

And a greater focus could have been put on the most vulnerable, the aged in care homes.

A lot of the upheaval could have been averted – businesses shut down, public gatherings, social settings, and lives impacted.

A concerning report out of the U.S. states that health officials there don’t really know the value of the booster shot, they will determine that after enough people have taken it so they can digest those statistics.