Jan. 13, 2022

Peckford defending the charter rights he helped to craft

Former Newfoundland and Labrador Premier Brian Peckford is the last living member of those who crafted the Constitution Act in 1982, which included the Charter of Rights. Now he’s a crusader, defending those charter rights.

He has been in evangelistic overdrive concentrating on what he terms “the unbelievable, undemocratic, unscientific measures by governments everywhere.” 

He has taken on the challenge of defending the rights of fellow Canadians during the Coronavirus pandemic. Those rights are being violated, he says. He’s been writing on his blog spot and on Nanaimonet and in speaking engagements for months.

Peckford has been the featured speaker at overflow public meetings on Vancouver Island in Port Alberni, Parksville, Nanaimo, and Victoria with more scheduled for Victoria, Comox/Campbell River area and Cobble Hill. He’s getting invitations from across the country from people wanting to hear his message.

The most recent pronouncements from the U.S. National Institute of Health on Wednesday indicate that vaccines do not prevent transmission of the Omicron virus, giving validity to the campaign against immunization.

Israel and the UK have been publishing data about vaccines and masks for months because they were some of the first nations to vaccinate. 

That has led him to become the star in a number of groups – Canadian Covid Care Alliance, Taking Back Our Freedoms (which he chairs), and Action4Canada. These groups are fighting vaccine mandates, and talking to lawyers who are challenging this on constitutional grounds.

Peckford already has one challenge going before the courts. He is also in touch with leading researchers in the world who have demonstrated the folly and unscientific nature of what is happening. His personal declaration has gone viral and is being used by law firms across Canada, he says. 

He's also done more than 20 videos for alternate media across Canada, and Zoom virtual meetings. A recent one had more than 1,000 logged in, he says. This Saturday he doing a Zoom meeting for Terrace at which organizers hundreds are expected to attend. 

Mainstream media have shut out all alternative views including his, he says. The big media and CBC signed the Trusted News Initiative in 2020 where they decide what is good and bad information. Hence, alternate views have had to go to alternate media. 

These latest statistics in BC are completely what has been predicted for months and what is happening everywhere else – the vaccines don’t work as advertised – they kill and injure people, he says. More than 20,000 killed in U.S. and almost a million injured.  He insists PCR tests are unreliable and science has proved masks don’t work. 

Who would know better about the Charter of Rights than one of its authors?