Jan. 28, 2022

Downtown problem needs some drastic action

Drastic behaviour calls for drastic action. Downtown business owners and residents are frustrated that a virtual law of the jungle continues without a solution in sight.

Therein lies the problem, no definitive action is being taken. It’s as though those in power are shrugging their shoulders in frustration as well.

They are dealing with assaults, robberies, arson and human waste on the streets.

Who is responsible for the drug culture downtown? Who should be solving the homeless problem and sidewalk squats? Who should shoulder the mental health challenges? It takes more than just shuffling things around, cleaning up one encampment only to see it rise at another nearby location . . . until it too is shuffled off somewhere else.

I’ll go out on a limb here and state that the people living on the street are not the ones to blame, they are beyond helping themselves. Somebody has to step up to the plate now, not the next day . . . or the next month . . . or the next year.

It will take a change in attitude and approach.  VIDEO


Mike Rispin on Facebook – Lack of Mental health and addiction resources are certainly falling far too short….. BUT…. Criminal acts are not acceptable and punishment is required. You can’t continue to allow these acts to happen, with no recourse and continue to blame the lack of addiction and mental health resources. If there is no punishment for breaking the law… then what’s the reason for people to stop.

And I worked for Almost 30 years interacting with people dealing with addiction and mental health issues…. The vast majority of them do not continuously commit criminal acts.