Feb. 1, 2022

A lot at stake in the BC Liberal leadership this weekend

The BC Liberals elect a new leader this weekend, with the results to be know by Saturday evening.

It’s truth or consequences time for the party. Will it be more of the same or a new direction? Former cabinet minister Kevin Falcon is one of the frontrunners. Liberals have to decide whether he brings new blood – or Gordon Campbell 2.0.

Three MLAs are also in the race along with three newcomers. MLA and former Indigenous leader Ellis Ross has made a big impression with members and would certainly represent a new approach. The other two MLAs are Mike Lee and Rene Merrifield, along with three newcomers from the business sector.

What’s important for the party is whether the winner can defeat the NDP in the next election . . . or will voters stick with the NDP? Whomever the Liberal choose, ­will impact British Columbia’s future. VIDEO COMMENT