Feb. 23, 2022

This isn't going to end well, if it ever does

This isn’t going to end well. If it ever ends. I’ve been holding back on the truck convoy protests because sooner or later a light should appear at the end of the tunnel.

This is no longer a question of thousands of Canadians protesting the actions of our government it’s no longer about trucks and blocking streets. It’s about our future and how we will fit into a mold designed by a political elite. It’s about power and control of the masses. The proverbial light at the end of the tunnel is just another bigger and nastier full-speed freight train.

My ancestral home country, Ukraine, is engaged in a war initiated by a world bully, Vladimir Putin. He is not the only one to blame. NATO and the U.S. are sitting on the sidelines balancing the impact on natural resources. That’s the bottom line, oil and gas, electric power to determine who has the most Monopoly dollars before going to jail.

In reality, it’s the same story as here, rights suppression and control. All this could have been avoided this with one simple stroke of a pen by our inept dictator, eliminating mandates on truckers, there’s that control word again. British Columbia has been in the same boat for the past couple of years, again using mandates and restrictions as merely a tool to maintain control.

The blame game is really just a distraction – the power bullies have polished it to a bright sheen. When they face questions and or opposition, name calling and labelling replace debate – right wing extremist, ultra left wing, racist, supremacist. The list is not complete, new tags are being created as we breathe.

So what if those labels are accurate? What is the impact? The very act of calling them out fuels them bigger and bigger until there is an explosion. What is the greater danger? Hurt feelings or our ultimate extinction?

The voter suppression arguments, especially from the U.S., are a major distraction away from the real danger. Has there been vote cheating in the U.S. over the years? Absolutely, it’s just a question of which party is better at it.

This chips away at just a tip of the iceberg. We as individuals may agree or totally disagree. At least we still have that right. How much longer?

That’s my view, WHAT’S YOURS'?