Feb. 27, 2022

Time for our leaders to take a look in the mirror

This is a good time for introspection – a self assessment by those who purport to be leaders.

How would you react if a fight broke out in front of you, a much bigger bully on a weaker victim? Would you take a stand and move in to assist the innocent victim or would you try to find reasons not become engaged?

For our prime minister it appears to have been an easy choice. In reaction to some loyal subjects of his kingdom venting over his bullying tactics, he emphasized their complaint. When faced down with a peaceful demonstration, he opted to become the bully because their behaviour was “not acceptable”?

In view of that example, would you and fellow world leaders shrink back and find excuses why they could not assist the victim? You know, invoke North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) rules and let the one-sided assault continue? Ukraine is being abused by the Russian bully and all-the-while our leaders are waving sanctions like white flags as to why the cannot help Ukraine.

Apparently our gallant prime minister feels it’s much more important to bully a few truck drivers than the Russian bully.

If the world's so-called super powers were really super they would send a message to Putin to "STOP IT NOW," and then make it so.