Mar. 31, 2022

Cost of RCMP retroactive pay already covered by city

The city's share of retroactive pay for RCMP in Nanaimo could be as high as $9.4 million, but it’s no surprise to city officials, they have already put an estimated amount in the piggy bank to cover it. It will likely be summer before the City gets the final numbers which have not been released. 

CAO Jake Rudolph told me the city was aware of the back-pay issue and set aside money over several years to have the money on hand. 

Finance Director Laura Mercer says the City's accrual is in-line with information from Public Safety Canada. It represents retro costs for April 2017 to March 2021. The costs for April-December 2021 were included in the December 31, 2021 RCMP billing.  A breakdown of the retro portion has been requested by the City but to date no information has been received.

“We are anticipating that the total cost of the retro pay settlement to be around $9.4 million,” says Mercer.

The Union of B.C. Municipalities and the Urban Mayors Caucus have asked for financial relief on the one time impact.