Jun. 15, 2022

Data show Canadians have been misled on vaccines

Brian Peckford has earned a reputation for tilting at windmills – especially as it relates to the controversy over Covid vaccines as a civil rights issue. When advocacy groups state that 91 per cent of Covid-related deaths in BC were among patients who had between one and three vaccine injections.

You have to wonder whether we’ve been snowed over the past three years. He’s so devoted to exposing the claims of various government agencies that he’s going to court over the issue.

“This is getting unreal, and my legal team in court just exposed that the Federal Government’s top epidemiologist DID NOT recommend vaccine travel mandates,” Brian notes in an e-mail. 

He also submits data from Advocacy BC asking whether the people of BC know what’s going on. Government ads are still blaring vaccines are safe while 91 per cent of deaths are from those who were vaccinated. 

The Canadian Advocacy Centre and Advocacy BC advocate for civil and human rights and social justice in BC and Canada.

They have issued BC statistics, from May 1 to 28, 2022 showing COVID19 health outcomes by vaccination status:
• Total Cases: 6,149, vaccinated 1-3 doses 85.7 per cent, not vaccinated 15 per cent. 
• Hospitalizations: 1,546, vaccinated 1-3 doses 85.3 per cent , not vaccinated 14 per cent. 
• Deaths: 314, vaccinated 1-3 doses 90.9  cent, not vaccinated 9 per cent.

From BC Health data, June 9 on their Twitter page