Jul. 13, 2022

Getting the message out takes on new meaning

Change is sweeping the world and there’s nothing we can do about a lot of it. There’s an evolution taking place before our eyes and most of us do not recognize that it’s happening. For ages newspapers have been the leading format for getting the marketing message out for millions of businesses.

The arrival of radio changed the scenario somewhat, and television followed. Those three media controlled the delivery system, they owned the lifeblood of businesses. That’s changing, and consumers are helping to create it. Businesses now entice you to sign on to their online app (application), or signing on to an e-mail list, a phenomenon that is sweeping like a tidal wave.

In the end of another era, you’re seeing the last Save-On Foods and Buy-Low printed flyers. They are moving to digital exclusively.

Enticing you sign up to an app gives the owner of that app a direct link to you via e-mail and direct messaging. Many people recognize that their search habits on social media lead to responding adverting messages within seconds. Do a search for a washing machine and you’ll get an instant response with dozens of brands pushing their product directly at you.

A peek into the future includes having full commercials transmitted to your Iphone, laptop, Ipad and desktop computer, around the clock. Newspapers, radio and TV will wither on the vine. Even newspapers themselves are converting to online editions. 

Pay-per-view is already the way to get your entertainment, including sporting events. 

We as a society have given advertisers direct access to us, and that is a valuable asset many of us have surrendered.