Jul. 26, 2022

Langford council gives middle finger to taxpayers

The decision by Langford council to cancel all further council and committee meetings until after the election was an eye opener. Council held a one-minute-and-29-second discussion before voting 5-2 to cancel the remaining meetings. But upon reflection, based on past experience, that is not really that outlandish, but certainly not smart.

However, they decided to keep collecting their council pay cheques during that period.

First you have to accept that the elected members don’t really run the day-to-day operations of the municipality. City management operates on established legislated rules passed by council. There are really no breaking events in the operations of the city that require council at every breath.

Realistically, if the fit his the shan council can call an emergency meeting at any time, no matter what the established meeting schedule is at that point. And that would surely happen in this instance.

But continuing to collect their full salary is a bit of a middle finger to taxpayers. The good thing is taxpayers/voters won’t have long to wait to pass judgment . . . on October 15. That could spell “meeting adjourned” for some of all of those council members.