Jul. 28, 2022

Bringing accountability to BC Ferries governance

Eyebrows are being raised about the changes to the B.C. Ferries board of directors, particularly the addition of former MLA cabinet minister and NDP leader Joy McPhail. Immediately after her appointment she became the chairman of the board. It is argued that it politicizes the ferry system.

Peel back a couple of layers. The previous B.C. Liberal government moved the ferry corporation at arms length to guard against political interference and John Horgan’s government continued the trend, until now.

BC Ferries is a private corporation – all shares owned by the government. It’s an admirable goal to keep politics out of the mix.

However, that does away with any level of accountability. The board does not report to anyone except itself, although in extreme circumstances it would be to government. Governments have kept their distance but much for their own convenience, they haven’t had to face the music.

If the latest change ends up with oversight by those we elect to represent us, that’s an improvement.