Oct. 18, 2022

Each instance of discrimination carries it own pain

Alberta’s new premier Danielle Smith unleashed a hornet’s nest among the victim crowd last week – who is the bigger victim? Smith said the unvaccinated are the most discriminated-against group she has witnessed in her lifetime. Out came the regulars who make a living out of being discriminated against and get government funds to “make the pain go away”. 

When this surfaced, I heard from a dear friend who did not get the vaccines because of her personal convictions. She doesn't feel she is the most discriminated against, but is definitely set upon. She lost her job, lost benefits and has been verbally abused, she says.

“People openly called us names. Even our prime minister. There was open hatred of the Covid unvaxxed which would not have been tolerated by leaders in any other group,” she told me. She lost her livelihood without the option of unemployment insurance. She feels that is also a form of discrimination. 

She does a lot of research and has come across evidence, even from the pharmaceutical companies, that vaccines do not necessarily work, never did work, were not tested for transmission, but lied about. 

A white paper from the Spikevax (Moderna) site states that no testing has been done on pregnant women and they do not know if the vaccine crosses into nursing mothers’ milk.

In spite of all this, she says, we continue to trust Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry who says it's safe for pregnant women. The pharma companies won't even make that claim. 

“If none of this makes people wonder, then we’ve really lost our ability to think critically and we're beyond hope of being able to save ourselves from what is coming next,” she concludes.

You never know what discrimination is until you are a victim of it.

Go through the various levels of the website - all of them - at www.spikevax.com